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Sunday, January 20, 2019

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Configuring the default container for all modules in a pane

Jan 14

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DotNetNuke default pane container

In DotNetNuke you can configure the containers used for modules at different places. One of the options is to fix the container in a given pane from the skin definition. This can save a lot of time when adding new modules to the site if you know in advance that all modules in a given pane should share the same design.

This is commonly used, for example, in a media pane, where you will always include images for banner purposes.

Configuring module containers

The common places where you would usually configure the module containers are:

  1. Default container for the site. From the Site Settings page under Admin you can configure the default container for regular modules and the container used when in edit mode.
  2. Default container for a page. The Page Settings screen has an option to configure the default container for all modules in the page.
  3. Module Container. On the Module Settings configuration page you can setup the actual container that the module will be using. If this is not set, DNN will first look at the default page container and finally at the portal level.

Setup the default container for a pane

As a designer sometimes you want to be sure that all modules included in a pane use the same container. A common use for this is when a pane will only include a banner, or when then modules included in that pane require a specific container (because it has some special features, some custom design, ...).

An option is to just add the module to the pane, go the module configuration and change the container. That's fine and simple but a bit time consuming if you have to add a lot of module there. Using the simple tip provided here you can configure from the skin the container that will be used in the pane and same some time!

There are three attributes on the pane definition in the skin to configure the container:

  • ContainerType: Specifies if this is a local container (installed at the portal level) or a global container (installed at the host level). Valid values are 'L' for local and 'G' for global.
  • ContainerName: The name of the container folder where the actual container is included, for example: MyContainerFolder
  • ContainerSrc: This is the actual container file, for example: BlueContainer.ascx

A full sample of a pane using this feature can look like:

<div runat="server" id="BluePane"

The sample above configures the default container for the pane as the container in


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