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Converting any design file
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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Conversion service. From design to DotNetNuke skin.

PSDtoDNN is a conversion service for users of the DotNetNuke CMS framework looking to get templates (DNN skins) created from their artwork files or flat HTML web pages. The end-goal is that the service provides a link for designers and the framework, bridging the gap between the final artwork and the DNN skins. In layman's terms; you send us the artwork and get DNN skins in return.

The concept?

Collaboration and productive output are the main goals behind PSDtoDNN. Rather than taking on a full website project, where there’s a diverse range of jobs including; client meetings, first draft designs, design revisions, second draft designs, further design revisions, content creation, and so on, the focus of PSDtoDNN is on the specific job of creating templates, and that's it, nothing else. This then becomes a section of the overall project that designers, studios, and DNN users can outsource with confidence, also taking away the need for them to learn the ins-and-out of DNN skinning.

How it works

The simplicity of a PSD to DNN skin conversion is one of the best things about it. All you need to do is send in your artwork, and the rest is handled for you:

  • Your artwork is blocked out, showing you how it converts to a DNN skin with regards to skin objects and content panes,
  • The artwork & blocked visuals are then used as a guide for building a static XHTML & CSS version,
  • This static web page is then converted to a DNN skin and packaged up ready for installation.

All of the projects carry a 7 - 10 working day time frame from start to finish, although if there's a strict deadline for your conversion this can be negotiated.

Who's it for?

PSD to DNN conversions are aimed at all users of the DotNetNuke framework, from individuals to design studios, and multi-national companies. If you need a skin built then PSDtoDNN is for you.

Location, location, location

PSDtoDNN brand is run by Disgrafic Itec. We are DotNetNuke specialists, providing DNN services worldwide in module development, design, skinning, support and training.

Know our team

All of the projects are handled our own team. We believe in top quality service and personal relationships, so the people working on your projects will offer a friendly interaction and you will be always talking to the professional in charge of the project. Get to know a bit more of our team.


PSDtoDNN has been providing DotNetNuke design and skinning services since around 2009. It was first started by Rick Beddie and since 2011 is been run by Disgrafic ITec from Spain.

A few words from...

I've worked with PSDtoDNN on a Project with a very tight timeline and was more than satisfied with the speed, quality, reliability and cost effectiveness of the job that has been done...

Frank Wahl,
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