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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Trying to answer some of those frequently asked questions

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Q1. What is PSDtoDNN?

PSDtoDNN is a service focused towards DotNetNuke and in particular the build and conversion of visual website layouts, such as Photoshop files, and flat HTML & CSS pages, into working DotNetNuke skins to be used on the framework.

Q2. Who is the Service for?

The service is for anyone looking to get a DotNetNuke skin pack created from either existing artwork or static HTML & CSS web pages.

Q3. What types of design files will you accept?

Conversions can be done from all types of image files including:

  • Photoshop files (.psd),
  • Illustrator Files,
  • Fireworks,
  • PDF Files,
  • Jpeg,
  • Gif,
  • Png,
  • and even from flat HTML & CSS web pages.

Q4. How long have you been working with the DotNetNuke CMS & DotNetNuke skins?

We've been working with DotNetNuke and the DNN skinning engine since version 1.

Q5. What are the timescale's for a skin build or skin conversion?

Please allow 7 - 10 working days to receive a working first-draft of your DotNetNuke skin pack. We can adjust our schedule for if your have a tight dealine.

Q6. What is the price for a skin build or conversion?

Prices for a build or conversion vary depending on the work involved. The starting cost is 345.00 € and for this you'll receive:

  • A Blocked layout,
  • An XHTML and CSS layout,
  • A conversion of the XHTML and CSS layout into skins and containers.
Send us your design and we will quote the work involved.

Q7. Will you convert PSD layouts into just HTML?

Yes, conversions can be made into valid XHTML & CSS layouts. This is one of the stages for all PSD to DNN conversions anyway as this creates better DotNetNuke skins.

Q8. What is the cost for a PSD to HTML conversion?

The cost for a PSD to HTML project starts at 250.00 €.

Q9. What version of DNN will the skins be built for?

You can specify whether it is to built for DNN4, DNN5, or DNN6.

Q10. Will you convert designs from Template Monster into DNN skin packs?


A few words from...

We were looking for a unique and customized look for our site and we had a specific color scheme in mind. We gave our idea to PSDtoDNN and they created a skin that met our specifications. We were very happy with the results and our site looks great!

Megan Whelan, Dale Medical Products Inc
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